COVID-19 Information

Morocco is not immune to the Covid19 pandemic.
In a courageous and modern way, the country took the early decisions that the majority of countries have now made:
- Border closure
- General containment

Ces mesures fortes, ont permis de contenir la pandémie avec, au 6 Septembre 2020, 70160 cas diagnostiqués, 1329 décès.
Obviously, these drastic measures create their share of constraints and inconvenience. Our staffs, after a good week of disinfecting the premises, are staying home resting from a very busy 2019 season.
What health measures do you plan for your guests?

– Due to its size and internal policy Riad Mayfez is an establishment where social distancing is done naturally
– Riad Mayfez is a large property with only 5 suites. Long before Covid, many of our guests already thought they were alone, even though the riad was fully booked. Also, the Riad is completely closed to non-residents of the hotel.
– All rooms enjoy an independent path, so without contact with other guests
– Our guests will therefore have no problem to take their meal isolated and will be welcome to enjoy the restaurant and the bar with far more than 1 meter social distancing.
– We have never had a buffet breakfast, for obvious health reasons. In fact, we have never understood the craze for this kind of breakfast. So we will as always continue to serve breakfast at the table or in room.
– Room service in room or on the room’s private terraces remain a possibility today as yesterday and for all meals.
– Hydro-alcoholic gel and tissues are available in all suites, reception, bar, restaurant, lift and billiard room.
– Cleaning alcohol is available at the entrance. Our guests are kindly requested tospray their shoes every time they enter the riad.

What health measures do you plan for your staff?

Staff working in the premisses will undergo even tighter hygiene measures. In additional to the daily morning shower before dressing with their uniform, they will need to take their temperature twixce a day (morning and afternoon)

They will be requiered to wash hand as much as possible and use gel.
Room service and service at the restaurant will be made with mask and gloves.

How will you procced for cleaning the public areas?

– We have always taken very seriously the cleaning of public areas and rooms.
– We will increase numbers of daily cleaning in the public areas and use desinfecting alcool for floorings and surfaces up to 2 times a day.
– We will clean switches, door handles and lift buttons regularly every 3 hours. Cleaning of the toilets will als occur regularly during the day.

We would like to remind you that Riad Mayfez is a small hotel with little human trafic in the premissemore aspecially as it is closed to non residents of the hotel.

How will you procced for cleaning the rooms?

– Marble and wood floorings are cleaned daily with a mix of hot water black soap and alcohol.
– Each room is cleaned with microfiber cloth (one color for each surface). Cloth are change for each room and are washed at 60°C.
– Bed linens are boiled by a professional cleaner.
– Pillow protection is changed after each stay.
– In room maids are wearing protective maskes and gloves during cleaning process of the rooms.
– To provide more in depth cleaning, rooms will remain empty during 48 hours between check out and check in.

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Can I change my booking?
Yes, let us know if your plans change. 
We remain committed to offering you flexible booking options. Given these unique circumstances, we are making additional adjustments to our individual booking policies to offer you convenience and peace of mind.
While travel restrictions remain in place, we will continue to waive change fees. If you need to adjust a reservation made through the website, please contact Mrs Dominique Laraqui – Owner of Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa via email (
Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, you can cancel your booking. For existing bookings affected by new restrictions (i.e. the restrictions were not in place when you made your booking) imposed by authorities, either in your country of origin, transit country or Morocco, we will waive any cancellation fees.
For existing bookings affected by new restrictions (i.e. the restrictions were not in place when you made your booking) imposed by authorities, either in your country of origin, transit country or Morocco, within the cancellation period, we will waive any cancellation fees. If you made your booking after the travel restrictions were put in place the standard cancellation terms will apply.
If you need to change a reservation made through another travel booking site or agency please contact them directly for assistance.
More Information
For your well being we want to introduce flexibility into our Special Offers that allow our guests to amend travel plans as necessary.
Therefore we have decided to allow you to change or cancel your reservation up to 48 hours prior to your arrival for any Special Offers purchased on our website. Changing the date on a reservation may result in different pricing, but there is no fee for making changes. To ask about any booking contact Mrs Dominique Laraqui – Owner of Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa via email (
We hope to be able to greet you again soon in the near future.
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