Recreational activities at Riad Mayfez

Recreational activities at Riad Mayfez

Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa is ideal for enjoying and sharing time with friends and family.

The Mirror room

The mirror room is a magical setting, ideal for entertaining while keeping distance from computer and smartphones.

Back to the good old board games, relaxed communication and atmosphere of family sharing. An inlaid table from the XIX century welcomes your card games, A vintage box of various games, a Syrian backgammon board and an Egyptian chess board are also available for the pleasure of big and small.

The Pool room

A game of pool is an ideal way to have a good time with friends or just change your mind after a day of sightseeing and excursion.

Cooking Classes

Do you plan to treating your friends with a Moroccan dinner?
At Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa we provide quality cooking classes in French or English with our chef Sanae.

At the beginning of the morning, you will accompany Sanae to the souk, learn a few sentences in Arabic, choose and shop your own ingredients.

Back at the Riad, you will create your menu from A to Z. You will learn the tips and tricks of Chef Sanae in a friendly atmosphere. At the end of these 4 unforgettable hours in the heart of our kitchens, Moroccan starters, tajines, coucous and other deserts will no longer have any secrets for you.

You will leave with a recipe booklet to make at home, remembering your experience with Sanae.

To end the morning, you will enjoy your work, in the calm and serenity of our restaurant, around one of our Moroccan wines.

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The odalisque
Cooking Classes
The Medina of Fez

The Medina of Fez is the heir city of Andalusian culture and the cradle of the main Moroccan dynasties. Built in the 8th century, Fez is fascinating and bewitching, both traditional and modern.

You will Enjoy its medieval Marinid architecture, ancient atmosphere and animated souks. With our guide you will discover the Medina through various fascinating places from the traditional tanneries to the madrassas (Madrassa Bouanania for non Muslims) and foundouks, but also the Mellah (the Jewish quarter) with its cemetery and synagogue preserving precious scrolls dating back to the IV century ...

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